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Chiropractic Care

Dr Michelle adjusting womans backWhile conventional medicine takes an outside-in approach with drugs, chirop0ractic seeks to remove interference so the body can heal itself. “I don’t cure anyone but allow the body to heal itself,” said Dr. Michelle.

What Is Chiropractic?

This natural form of health care involves moving the joints and making sure they’re in alignment and functioning properly. A chiropractic adjustment also addresses the surrounding soft tissues to decrease inflammation and pain and increase range of motion.

Poor Posture-a Casualty of COVID

As the coronavirus pandemic has many people working from home, they often develop poor posture due to sitting in chairs that don’t offer good support. Pain in the legs or low back also can develop.

I explain that I can help restore function to the body by eliminating interference and putting motion back into the joints and muscles. – Dr. Michele

Techniques and Therapies

She uses the following methods to adjust patients:

  • Diversified – A manual technique, Diversified uses a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust to restore spinal alignment.
  • Thompson – This method is also a type of manual adjustment that uses drops in a table to assist with the adjustment.
  • Graston – This soft tissue mobilization method is used to help break up adhesions in the fascia. Graston helps to loosen the muscles to restore range of motion. For example, if you’re having difficulty turning your head, Dr. Michelle can use Graston on the muscles in the cervical spine. The method helps increase range of motion and your ability to look behind your back when trying to back out of a parking spot-for example. In addition to increasing movement, Graston can decrease pain.
  • Impulse® – This technique uses an instrument to provide a gentle and effective adjustment without any popping sound. Impulse is ideal for the elderly or those who want a quiet adjustment.
  • Cold Laser Therapy – This modality is ideal for those who have swelling, inflammation and pain. C0ld laser can penetrate deep down in the tissue and brings the mitochondria to the area to help promote healing.


Once I go to a chiropractor, will I always have to go?

No, but you might want to. That’s because you will likely feel fantastic and want to keep feeling that way!

Does a chiropractic adjustment hurt?

Typically, no, it doesn’t. It depends on your inflammation levels. Dr. Michelle can deliver very gentle and comfortable adjustments.

Will I get adjusted with just one technique?

Dr. Michelle usually adjusts using a combination of techniques.

Can chiropractic care cure anything and everything?

No, chiropractic doesn’t cure anything. However, it allows your body to heal itself so you can feel great!

Will you suggest exercises or other things I can do?

Yes, Dr. Michelle uses a website called Physitrack®. Once you’re out of the acute pain state and into the rehab phase, she prescribes exercises. Videos will show you how to perform the exercises and Dr. Michelle will likely provide extra instructions.

Will you offer nutrition suggestions?

Yes. Dr. Michelle recommends an anti-inflammatory diet.

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