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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Mukilteo

Couple with hands on pregnant bellyWithout a doubt, pregnancy is considered to be one of the most exciting and empowering times in a woman’s life. Throughout pregnancy, many women experience discomfort and pain that accompany the dramatic changes their bodies go through.

I like to help them move better and make sure they’re feeling as comfortable as possible while growing another human. – Dr. Michelle

Changes Women Experience

Many pregnant women have pain in their low back, and will experience sciatic-like symptoms. As the pelvis grows and spreads apart, it affects the way a pregnant woman walks-when they get bigger, they start to waddle. Chiropractic helps their movement as they grow and change. In addition to the chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Michelle uses soft tissue work to help moms-to-be sit more comfortably and sleep better.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy

Here are some of the benefits of getting adjusted:

  • Reduces low back and hip pain
  • Decreases nausea
  • Reduces labor and delivery time
  • Prevents potential C-section and other interventions
  • Relieves pain naturally

Benefits for Baby

If the mom is more comfortable and the interference has been removed then communication from the brain to the rest of the body will be clearer. The baby is getting what it needs and will be more comfortable inside the womb.


Is chiropractic safe during pregnancy?

Yes, Dr. Michelle adjusts pregnant patients differently from non-pregnant patients and uses very gentle techniques, including instrument adjusting.

How do you make pregnant women feel comfortable?

Dr. Michelle provides a pregnancy pillow for them to lie on and has multiple ones that will grow with their belly.

How often should I come in for care?

It’s ideal to come in at least once a month if don’t have any active acute complaints. Toward the end of pregnancy, your visits will be a little more frequent as the ligaments are more relaxed and the joints move a little more than we would like. Typically, Dr. Michelle sees pregnant patients in the last month of pregnancy about once a week.

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