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New Patients

Women in waiting roomWelcome to Back To Health Chiropractic! You’ll find that our practice is friendly and comfortable.

“I try to make every person who walks through the door to feel at ease. Every visit is like a therapy session. Patients tell me about their families, and I enjoy getting to know them and learning about their lives,” said Dr. Michelle. Always upfront and honest, she will make sure you’re in the right place to be helped.

Before You Arrive

When you schedule your appointment online, paperwork will be generated. We encourage you to complete the forms online to save time. You also can complete the paperwork when you come in. Please come in 15 minutes before your appointment time to do so.

We encourage you to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing as Dr. Michelle will be performing various exams.

If you’ve filled out your paperwork online, Dr. Michelle would have verified your insurance coverage. She also will let you know the costs of you care before you began treatment. There will never be any surprises.

This initial appointment include the following:

  • Consultation – “I take a thorough history and get to know what led up to how a patients is feeling at that time,” said Dr. Michelle.
  • Exam (includes orthopedic testing)
  • Chiropractic adjustment – If you decide to move forward with care, Dr. Michele will adjust at this first appointment. She also will prepare a treatment plan that will be beneficial and affordable. “I want patients to feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel,” added Dr. Michelle.

Please allow about an hour for this first appointment.

These appointments are brief yet effective, at just about 15 minutes in length. When you come in, Dr. Michelle will ask how you’re feeling and if you’ve seen any changes since your last appointment. Then you will get adjusted.

To ensure you’re making necessary progress, Dr. Michelle typically will reassess after 6-10 visits. It all depends on your particular condition.

Book an Appointment

Contact our Mukilteo clinic today to schedule a same-day appointment. We accept Medicare and insurance. We’re open late for your convenience.

New Patients | (425) 348-3400