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Pediatric Chiropractic in Mukilteo

Baby crawlingDid you know that the birth experience is the most traumatic event humans go through? It’s easy to see how getting squeezed through a small hole can cause trauma to the neck. That’s why kids should get checked as soon after birth as possible.

The Importance of Early Care

When Dr. Michelle’s teenage son was young, she didn’t know about chiropractic care as she worked in a different profession. “He had so many issues when he was younger. Had I known about chiropractic and how it could have helped him, I would have brought him in soon after giving birth,” she said.

Getting chiropractic care from the beginning is the most beneficial but it’s still valuable at any time in a child’s life as they’re rapidly growing and changing. Childhood is also a time when kids fall and get bumps. It’s particularly vital to have your child’s spine checked as that’s the central communication hub for the body.

It Sounds Like Popcorn

Dr. Michelle understands that some children (and their parents) may feel uneasy about what to expect during their first visit to Back To Health Chiropractic. Kind and reassuring, she helps children feel comfortable from the very first visit. When Dr. Michelle adjusts kids, she tells them they may hear a sound-similar to popcorn popping! We find that kids usually like getting adjusted.

Common Childhood Conditions Chiropractic Can Address

Here are some of the many issues that we see at the clinic:

  • ADHD
  • Bedwetting
  • Colic
  • Constipation
  • Ear infections
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Sports injuries

A Patient Success Story

Dr. Michelle provided care for a one-month-old newborn with torticollis. The baby boy was unable to latch when nursing. His neck hurt and he was uncomfortable any time he needed to be put on his tummy. After his first visit, he was latching perfectly. The baby loves tummy time now. He’s also able to sleep and eat better, and is a happier baby overall!


Why would I have a newborn adjusted?

Going through the birth process is highly traumatic on the body. Often, babies have difficulty latching or have torticollis or spasms. It’s crucial that we check them and make sure they’re meeting their milestones.

How do you adjust a baby?

Only very slight pressure is applied to adjust an infant. Dr. Michelle uses Logan Basic. The pressure that’s employed is about the same that’s used to check a tomato for ripeness.

What techniques do you use on children?

Dr. Michelle mainly uses a gentle version of Diversified, a manual technique, on kids. She also uses the Impulse® adjuster.

Is there any special paperwork I need to complete?

The paperwork for an adult and child’s visit is the same except that you will be given a Consent to Treat a Minor form.

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